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Doctor Mike Yeadon - Former Pfizer Head of Research. 

"We’re under attack by the 0.0001% everywhere. If not stopped, we will sleepwalk through the gates of hell, into a one-way trip to digital dystopia."

"The Global Covid Fraud,has as its goals....

"Totalitarian Control !!!"

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Global humanity has suffered for the past three years, due to Pandemics, lockdowns, economic destruction, raging inflation, woke agendas, collapsing health systems, uncontrolled immigration and food and energy crises.

Not content with the economic  destruction and the extraordinary wealth transfer from 99% of humanity to the global elite, they plan further pandemics for the next ten years, as confirmed by a World Health Organization Whistle Blower

As never-ending crises, repeatedly unfold, the conditioning of humanity is facilitated by Television and Press, which are owned and instructed by the Globalist Elites.


In this “war on humanity” the main-stream media are their generals and ultimate weapon, as they are the 1% and we are the 99% it is a powerful tool, as after all almost everyone owns a TV.

On January 24th 2023, a press conference was held discussing the ongoing military deployment of bioweapons.

One of the attendees was Katherine Watt, a Pennsylvania paralegal and law researcher. She details her findings in the below video.

We are already seeing this with Covid, followed by MoneyPox, now avian influenza A(H5N1), Marburg Virus  and  Japanese Encephalitis and now Investigative reporters and legal specialists, evidence that Covid was only a precursor to a dystopian future of slavery, together with destruction of food supplies and global genocide, in order that the public who survives this cull, will see a “One World Government” as the saviour to be welcomed with open arms.

As Katherine Watt evidences, the Covid narrative was deployed in a military  style operation, where main stream media were complicit in mis-information and censorship  

We have now reached a stage, where people are waking up to the engineered crisis after crisis and are motivated by fear or anger to actually do something about it.


But unfortunately for the globalist elite, there is also something else that nearly everyone owns and for very little cost and effort, we can become an even more powerful main-stream media and drown out their propaganda with the truth.

Let us offer humanity the voice that it desires and an opportunity to save this generation, and future generations from a dystopian future of slavery.



“There are two ways in which people are controlled. First of all frighten people and secondly, demoralize them…An educated, healthy and confident nation is harder to govern.......perhaps the safest thing to do is: take orders and hope for the best, that's what frightened and demoralized people do.”

Tony Benn.

UK M.P. and Cabinet Minister

"We can do what the KGB and Gestapo wanted to do"

Speaking at the 50th Annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in January 2020 before the Western World was aware of Covid, Harari tells his audience of Globalist Elites, that "SOON" we will be able to "hack into all human beings"

Shortly after the MRNA "vaccines" were rolled out globally with now evidenced ingredients that don't belong in any vaccine.

The globalists are now so confident of success, in their plans of a dystopian future for humanity, that they openly boast about what they intend to do, and the removal of our free will and privacy, is a foregone conclusion.  

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò 

Archbishop Vigano's views are shared by other senior religious figures

"Even a child could understand that we are held hostage by a group of technocrats who are ideologically deviant and morally corrupt. The peoples of the world need to reclaim their sovereignty, which has been usurped by the globalist elite".                                  

When truth presents itself, the wise person sees the light, takes it in, and makes adjustments. The fool tries to adjust the truth so he does not have to adjust to it.”

Dr. Henry Cloud Clinical Psychologist & New York Times best-selling author

"We penetrate the Cabinets"

"More than half the Canadian Cabinet are ours"

Klaus Schwab, CEO of the World Economic Forum, boasts as to how they control governments and Prime Ministers, including at least half of the Canadian Cabinet, with other leaders, such as Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, Ardern, as graduates of their program.

As former British Cabinet minister Tony Benn put it above, since time began the ruling classes have used FEAR to control the general public. 








New Zealand 

And as this website and newsletter will demonstrate, the FEAR CAMPAIGN by the oppressors is nearly always in order to cover up their own malfeasance.

Bill Gates one of richest and most powerful men in the World, has invested Billions of Dollars in MRNA Vaccines, Digital ID and Central Bank Digital Currencies

Bill and Melinda Gates smile wryly at the thought of the next pandemic

The majority assume, the Vaccines were created for the virus.....but subsequent events  make a lot more sense, if the Virus was created for the Vaccines.

There is never a truer statement then Follow the Money>>> to get to the truth of the origins of any "event" that causes a disruption to the accepted "norm"  

What the vast majority of people don't realize, is that 80% of global wealth, is concentrated in only the top 10% of the population, with only a handful of powerful families controlling the vast bulk of that wealth.

They have maintained, and increased that wealth, with a never-ending strategy, of monopolies, market manipulation, lies, and corruption, deliberately creating food shortages and supply chain issues.

However, with the advent of the internet, the general public started to become "awake" to this strategy and they started to lose control. 

This was unacceptable to them, so they have been directing their vast wealth into developing Artificial Intelligence and its now  so advanced, that they publicly state that up to 80% of people will be unemployed. 

They are determined to bring the public back into line and establish a regime of "Totalitarian Control" in the image of a Communist regime, but they intend to go further than that.

For decades, they have been indoctrinating and maneuvering graduates, from the World Economic Forum's "Young Global Leaders" programme, into very senior positions, in Government and corporations around the World.

Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum CEO even declares openly that they have "penetrated the government cabinets"

The threat is very real, and they have publicly declared :-

It is very difficult, for the average person to accept, that such calculated evil actually exists, but as this website and newsletters, will demonstrate It is now becoming increasingly clear that the Covid Pandemic was merely a stepping stone to a far greater plan, which will destroy the very fabric of society, 

Most were at a loss as to who, or what, would devise such a perverted, and undoubtably evil proposition and for what ultimate aim.

The majority of us will have watched the Netflix series, Squid Game, which portrayed ordinary citizens, who were encouraged to partake in increasingly more deadly games, in order to survive, with up to 50% being eliminated in the initial game of "Red Light/Green Light" and gradually the majority of contestants  were eliminated, as the stakes were continuously raised.

It was a perfect visual example, of FEAR and DEMORALIZATION

The final episode reveals the chief protagonist, was an extremely wealthy individual who had designed the challenges for his own perverse enjoyment as he approached his end of days.

We present evidence that, while undoubtedly there was a "virus," its survival rate was more than 99% and during the so-called Pandemic, the all-cause mortality rates were no higher than previous years, and the malfeasance was, declaring death rates of people dying "WITH COVID" when in reality the underlying cause of death was something else, and how hospitals were incentivized with up to $100,000 per patient, to inflate Covid numbers.

This website presents evidence that regardless of the origins of Covid, as a natural or man-made infection, it merely plays the role of a TROJAN HORSE, in the greater agenda of total control (AGENDA 2030) and to use an analogy, simply the Real-Life Version of the initial game of Red Light/Green Light, that divided humanity into Vaccinated and Vaccine-Hesitant groups and we must pose the question.... is humanity similar to the contestants in a  #RealLifeSquidGame?

Unfortunately, many Vaccine recipients are now plagued by debilitating illnesses and many more have "Died Suddenly"  There is mounting evidence these are vaccine injured, and while Governments, have not yet fully admitted this they are laying the blame to the ongoing excess mortality rates from the effects of lockdowns.

The globalists are already lining up the next pandemic, more lock downs and mandates, mass unemployment, compulsory vaccination, uncontrolled immigration, raging inflation, food shortages, collapsing health systems, energy crisis, woke-debates,  sexualization and gender transformation of Children.

While some people, just accept this as the "World Gone Crazy" the critical thinkers, realize its not possible for so much conflict, crisis and controversy to be unveiled simultaneously, unless it was planned and orchestrated.

While we are witnessing a lot of  back-tracking on Vaccines and calls for prosecution of those that administered the vaccines, this was exactly the premise of "Squid Game."  Pitting humanity against each other, to destroy itself from within.

Just like "Squid Game" we will provide evidence as to how, they intend to divide humanity, with a never-ending strategy, of Total Surveillance, control and impoverishment, and restricting food supply, through Digital ID, Central Bank Digital Currency and Social Credit System. 

Despite overwhelming evidence, of a fabricated Climate emergency, they are already pushing the ridiculous climate emergency hoax, more lock downs and mandates, compulsory vaccination, uncontrolled immigration, raging inflation, food shortages, energy crisis, woke-debates,  sexualization and gender transformation of Children.

Using the mass power of humanity, against itself, is the only way the 1% can prevail. 

But we are 99% and humanity is a powerful force, if we are all on the same side!


The success fo their plan is largely dependant on a degree of