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Open Letter to Jacinda Ardern

31 March 2023


By Email :


Dear Ms Ardern,


On the 19th of January 2023, you announced your resignation as Prime Minister of New Zealand, amongst scenes of unbridled celebration, amongst the citizens who had been subjected to your regime over the previous 3 years.

You’re reasoning that you “had nothing left in the tank” and ‘’wishing to spend more time with your family” has been met with equal admiration of you, as “only human” and ridicule as a “lost cause” in political terms.


You have been pilloried, as narcissistic, tyrannical, soulless and by some as downright evil.

But in studying your body language and behavior in the final six months of your tenure, it strikes us, that something changed in you, and your conscience started to weigh more evidently in your demeanor.


We watched as your gleeful smile, in imposing vaccine mandates and lockdowns, slowly turned into more of a painful grimace, as you grew increasingly more uncomfortable with the directions of the World Economic Forum, and World Health Organization, in imposing hardship and unwarranted health directions on your citizens.

We observed, your four, deferential. nods of acknowledgement to other WEF graduates and former British PM’s Blair, Brown, Cameron and Johnson, at Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on 19th September 2022, appeared to weigh heavily on you, amid the realization of the true magnitude of the evil agenda, propagated by Klaus Schwab and his WEF graduates and inductees.


Four days later, in your speech to the United Nations, which by some described as disturbing, dystopian and dangerous, you made impassioned pleas covering a multitude of topics in which you were determined to see change, including the Ukraine War, Covid Pandemic, Climate Change, World Health Organization sole  and total control over future pandemics, and last but not least, draconian internet censorship.

So much to do, so much to achieve, and yet a few short months later “you have nothing left in the tank”.


Call us naive, but we would like to think you can no longer be at peace with yourself, when yit became increasingly obvious the true magnitude of the death, disability and destruction, that has occurred in the previous three years since the "Covid injections".


Or maybe it’s the thought of children who will be raised in the dystopian future of digital prisons in the 15-minute Cities, Climate Lockdowns, Central Bank Digital Currency, Mandatory Vaccines and Digital Identity.

Or the thought of children being subjected to a barrage of sexualization propaganda, from primary school age, and the normalization of previously unacceptable sexual behavior's.


We pose the question...........Would any Mother want any child raised in that environment?


Maybe your conscience cannot reconcile, the further death, disability, and destruction, that will occur from the mental health issues and suicide that will prevail, from global citizens being destined to a dystopian future of slavery.

A recent report by, has estimated the total cost in MRNA vaccine injuries in the USA alone as

26.6 million injuries.

1.36 million disabilities

300,000 Excess deaths

$ 147 billion in economic cost of those deaths and injuries.


Considering that the USA, represents less then 5% of the Global Population, the true enormity of the death, disability and destruction inflicted on the citizens of the world by multiplying by a factor of twenty, is horrendous and abhorrent.

We believe you could no longer, in good conscience be a part of this global genocide and we would like to think that your emotional resignation speech was testament to this, and in that scenario, instead of being vilified, you should be applauded.


You will go on to spend “more time with your family” and your daughter, will be able to visit her grandparents, and hug and play with them, but spare a thought for the grandparents, who were not afforded that opportunity, and left to die alone in rest homes throughout the world, after being administered with end-of-life drugs, like Remdesivir and Midazolam.

None of this would have happened, if not for governments throughout the world, operating in lockstep, with the same tyrannical threats to freedom if vaccine mandates were not enforced.


Under your tenure, New Zealand was part of this, but while other tyrannical regimes, continue to impose further health and economic damage with the egregious climate change agenda, you chose to take no further part, in this madness.


It defies all logic, that given the overwhelming evidence of the danger of MRNA biology' governments around the world are investing further billions in MRNA manufacturing plants for not only humans, but also livestock and food supplies, which can only lead to further death and destruction.

While some, like Schwab, Gates, Soros, Macron and Trudeau, seem beyond salvation, you have the opportunity to make a real difference with a change of stance.

There is nothing more powerful than a “voice,” with implicit inside knowledge, of the true enormity of the dystopian future of enslavement, that is planned to be inflicted on global citizens. with mandatory vaccinations, 15-Minute Cities, Digital ID, Central Bank Digital Currency and Climate Change Lockdowns, as humanity is subjected to ever increasing danger, akin to the Netflix series Squid Game.


You are in the unique position as a retiring MP and mother, to have that voice, as you remain in office until the 15th April 2023, and are soon to give your Valedictory speech.


Your evidence and statements in Parliament, would finally wake up the vast majority of global citizens, who are blissfully unaware that they are under attack by an unseen enemy.

France has experienced mass protests, uprising and extreme violence both by and against the authorities.

Citizens are protesting to the tyrannical powers of leaders such as Macron, Rutte and Trudeau, but we remain hopeful that you are, “cut from a different cloth” and could offer hope for humanity.


It is highly likely that these uprisings, will spread to other countries and both those in and out of uniform will put their lives at risk, unless the globalist agenda is fully exposed, and they are forced to acquiesce and abandon their tyrannical plans.


While you can enjoy the growth of your child/children and all the milestones, that bring joy and happiness to parents and grandparents, many others have not been and will not be afforded that luxury.


Indeed, many parents and grandparents are having to mourn the loss of their young family members, with the exponential increase in deaths and permanent injury to teenagers and younger, since the roll-out of the “gene editing” covid injections.


The unnatural and unavoidable death of any person is a heinous crime and is only magnified in youth.


Every one of these excess deaths, is abhorrent, and we do not yet know the true extent, as the spike protein appears to be multiplying inside the body and manifesting itself in multiple organs including testes and ovaries.


In addition to those suffering from turbo cancer, and neurological disorders, as a mother yourself, we are sure you would understand the absolute anguish of younger people who are unable to conceive, due to the effects of these MRNA injections.


We would expect, your maternal instinct, would not be able to reconcile the sickening realization of the exponential increase in still births and miscarriages.


Just try for minute to imagine the absolute devastation of women, who for nine months, have nurtured a developing embryo in the womb, and the unbridled excitement as the birth date rapidly approaches, only to be presented with a lifeless corpse. 



Contrast the unbridled joy a mother feels at the birth of a child, with the uncontrollable grief of still-birth parents, as a tiny little coffin is lowered to the earth, with the remains of a child who has not even been able to draw their first breath.


As quite clearly from the filed patents, the so called “vaccines” were actually “gene editing technology”, the true effect on future generations is as yet unknown, and we believe that will also weigh heavily on the mind of anyone who was part of these egregious crimes against humanity.


Given your resignation, it is entirely conceivable that you were unaware of the true extent of the globalist agenda and are unable to take any further part in this unbridled evil.


You may reconcile this in your own mind, as the way to seek salvation, but we would ask would you truly be at peace with yourself, if you continue to remain silent as the WEF plans are now starting to accelerate, leading to more death and destruction.


As our parents taught us, and we teach our children, your outcomes in life are determined by the choices you make.


You have the voice, you have the recognition and you also have the power to choose.


Those with such power, only have two choices.


Salvation or the inner turmoil of eternal guilt.


We sincerely hope for this generation and their children, grand-children and future generations, that you choose to be on the right side of history.


Hopefully Yours,


Real Squid Games Inc.








New Zealand 

How We Got Here

Since Early 2020 the World has been plunged into lockdowns, economic destruction, collapsing health systems, repeated pandemic variants, raging inflation, collapsing education system, and an explosion in excess mortality rates, following a global vaccination campaign, largely based on MRNA technology which had never been previously used in Vaccine Technology. 

Historically, vaccines are ten years in development, but within six months of the start of the pandemic, no less than four companies announced "safe and effective" vaccines?

After being forced by court orders Pfizer are obligated to periodically publish the results of their trials, overturning applications to keep the data hidden for 75 years.

With over 1274 side effects now available in the published data, we are now faced with a whole plethora of other "events" including Monkey Pox, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Exponential Increases in Cancer and a multitude of other diseases, together with dramatic changes in fertility, spontaneous abortion and a significant increase in life threatening heart conditions in children.

Our group of over 30 concerned individuals, with a vast array of experience, are not anti-vaxxers or conspiracy theorists.  In fact, all but two of us are double vaccinated.




However, over the course of the "pandemic" and vaccine roll-out, it became clear, that there was an ulterior motive to the so-called pandemic, which was largely being driven by megalomaniac, and indeed psychopathic organizations, which present a clear and present danger to the very fabric of society, for us and our descendants.

It became increasingly clear, that if the global actors behind this criminal enterprise are left unchecked, a disturbingly horrifying dystopian future of slavery, awaits our children, grandchildren and subsequent generations.

These global actors, have a depopulation agenda, as they have determined that vast swathes of humanity are in their words "useless eaters" and surplus to requirements.

As parents, we simply could not stand idly by, and leave the fight to others.

Our research concludes that, the threat to health from Covid-19 was exaggerated by an unreliable and incorrectly applied PCR Test, and was largely overtaken by a Pandemic of Fear, driven by the mainstream media.




And there is much worse to come, in further crimes against humanity, and if we do nothing those crimes will be allowed to eventuate.

The orchestrators of the "pandemic," have been allowed to fulfill their objectives thus far, as the majority are trusting of mainstream media.


Our only hope is to place the scientific facts in front of as many people as possible!

In order that we have some hope of returning to normality.


must become the



Was Humanity Consulted, now that the masses meekly accepted the "safe and effective" narrative, and unquestionably subjected themselves to being injected, with unproven and fatal gene therapy, that they will now not object to your dystopian intended strategy of a future of slavery, under the intended One World Government, including

Mass Unemployment



Climate Change Penalties

Meagre Universal Basic Income

Central Bank Digital Currency

China Social Credit System

24 Hour Total Surveillance

Totalitarian Control over our lives

Digital I.D.

Total Destruction of Family Values

     Jigsaw of Lies, Deception Greed and Corruption

We like the majority of people initially, believed main-stream media and did our bit for society to “save granny”. However subsequent events started to raise suspicions, and this is where, we decided to “Follow the Money” and selective information from Investigative journalists.


In these linked pages,we provide evidence from  some of the most respected Medical Professionals, from Religious Leaders, and Whistle-blower  Politicians, as to how natural inexpensive  treatments for Covid were suppressed, how  hospitals were incentivized to prescribe life ending-drugs to Covid patients, in order to inflate Covid numbers, and how the narrative of masks and lockdowns were relentlessly promoted in the full knowledge that masks were futile and lockdowns would create unprecedented economic damage, in order to create runaway inflation, and food shortages,

We discuss this, along with regular updates, on the

Climate Change Hoax,
Vaccine Ingredients,
Digital ID,
Central Bank Digital Currencies, Transhumanism,
5G-Military Frequency,
S.M.A.R.T. Cities,
Universal Basic Income, Weather Modification,
24-hour Surveillance, Communist Social Credit System,
Nanotechnology and Totalitarian Government Control,
in our regular weekly Blog posts, which are free to our mailing list subscribers.

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"They plan a dystopian future of slavery, not just for us, but for all future generations" 

  STOP THEM !!  

Its time to make our voices heard! 

So these un-elected, unqualified, individuals of the World Economic Forum, are now telling the citizens of the world, that they have no choice in resisting the dystopian future that they are planning.

If their mission statement is "You will own nothing and be happy." are they already implementing this by artificially inflating interest rates, leading to mass mortgage and vehicle and equipment, leasing defaults

Immediately following the Russian invasion Brent Crude Oil spiked to $132 a barrel but has now fallen by 30% to $92 and yet fuel/gas  prices at the pump, have doubled from pre-covid levels.

Supply chains have been affected by the Russian/Ukraine war, increasing agriculture costs and yet Governments are rushing through legislation, to impose further costs on farmers, increasing the costs of food even further.

The energy crisis in Europe, has been exasperated by the attack on the Nordstream pipeline. Did the Russians blow up their own valuable asset, or was someone else responsible?

The World Economic Forum is attended by nearly every global leader, and they all seem to be in lock-step  in inflicting rising costs and defaults on their citizens.

They seem so certain about their mission statement-:


Looking at the above chain of events, we can understand how Klaus Schwab predicts the future with such confidence and repeatedly says to his elite audience.



     Jigsaw of Lies, Deception Greed and Corruption

We highlight how, everything that disagreed with the vaccine narrative was classed as a conspiracy theory by Fact Checkers Thomson Reuters, whose Chairman also sat on the Board of Pfizer, (who generated over $100 billion in sales).and the World Economic Forum the orchestrators of the Great Reset and dystopian future of slavery for humanity and its descendants. Pfizer who along with AstrenZeneca have a long history of harm to customers.


The World Economic Forum is led by Klaus Schwab