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One Hundred Million Un-employed Overnight !

Yuval Noah Harari the lead advisor to the World Economic Forum has repeatedly stated that:

"What does the world need so many humans for?"

The psychopathic agenda of the World Economic Forum is that a selected few "stakeholders" of their organization will ultimately rule the world and the rest of humanity will be no more than mere serfs, or slaves.

They will control all commerce including E-Commerce, with the introduction of Central Bank Programmable Currency and they will tell you, where, how much, what on, and who with you can spend your money.

Under the guise of your personal carbon footprint, everything will be disallowed that does not benefit their "stakeholders"

A quick search of the World Economic Forum website lists their partners or stakeholders. including not only Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, who received 100's of billions of dollars of contracts for their "unsafe and ineffective" injections, but also Amazon who profited substantially from the ridiculous "stay at home orders."


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