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When Do Lambs Become Lions?

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Have you ever met an angry flock of sheep and lambs ?

Probably not, as they are placid by nature and follow instructions "sheepishly"
This sheepish "following of the science" in respect of vaccines and climate change is a central pillar of the psychopathic Globalist Agenda,
After terrorizing the sheep/lambs with the fake Plandemic, the globalists now plan to demoralize them, with Climate Change, raging Inflation, Woke and Transgender propaganda and the new admissions that the Covid Vaccines, are causing excess death and disability.
Their strategy has been planned for decades and humanity is experiencing the 5 stages of grief and loss on a universal scale.
Loss of loved ones, our own health, freedom, businesses and soon to be, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the loss of jobs and homes, due to a combination of unemployment and rising interest rates.
Once we recognize their ultimate aim is a One World Government and a dystopian future of slavery for the rest of humanity, we can see how they will manipulate the traditional and universally recognized various stages of grief and loss to achieve their aim.


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