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A Unified Global Response to Agenda 2030

Welcome to Real Squid Games Blog-

A Unified Global Response to Agenda 2030 with Information and Strategy in the Fight against Global Tyranny and Totalitarian Control

Humanity is under attack by a silent enemy which is determined, to de-populate the planet and enslave the surviving inhabitants.

The Globalist cabal is a well-researched, strategized and highly efficient war machine.

Additionally, it is motivated by a satanic desire of greed, power and totalitarian control, and the attendant death and destruction, is simply regarded as collateral damage in their psychopathic agenda.

Minimizing casualties, or prisoners of war to be released at the end of conflict is not, and never was on their agenda.

They will only be satisfied with, the total destruction of the family unit, sexualization of children, and totalitarian control.

The Satanic Cabal are Laughing at US!

We appear to be taking comfort from the collective genius on our side and expect that everything will ultimately resolve itself in a positive manner.

Unfortunately, and terrifyingly, the fact is.....

We have not even put a dent in the cabal war machine!

We have not even been able to muster a warning shot across the bows!

The cabal are holding all the cards by controlling mainstream media, however, the determined cancellation, of Mark Steyn, Tucker Carlson, and James O'Keefe, also unveils the weakness in their armor.

When an enemy is defending the higher ground, and is better financed, our only hope of prevailing is to :-

Attack their weaknesses.

In our Blog, we continuously update the actions of the cabal and shadow governments and share strategies that we can employ in response.

If you are against Sexualization of young Children, Digital ID, CBDC, Personal Carbon Trackers Smart Cities and a decade of Vaccines, you can make a difference.

Leave a comment or take action NOW!

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