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We must have a "Unified Global Response"

Fighting Tyranny at Every Turn

We have created over 30 different images/sizes, in order that we can share with Family and Friends, without fear of alienation. 

The evidence is all presented on our website, and even the most indoctrinated or hypnotized will recognize the dystopian future that is planned for us.


Here are just a few samples, and we are currently creating more.


Every dystopian step they take, we will create an image to counter their


Please feel free to download and share far and wide.

It takes a majority to say NO to their dystopian agenda!


Men on top of Mountain.jpg

A small selection of the images available to share with friends and family.

We are developing banners on 

Climate Change Hoax,
Vaccine Ingredients,
Digital ID,
Central Bank Digital Currencies, Transhumanism,
5G-Military Frequency,
S.M.A.R.T. Cities,
Universal Basic Income, Weather Modification,
24-hour Surveillance, Communist Social Credit System,
Nanotechnology and Totalitarian Government Control,

here for our regular weekly Blog posts, which are free to our mailing list subscribers.

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