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これらのリンクされたページでは、  からの証拠を提供します。医療専門家、 から 宗教指導者内部告発者  PoliticiansCovidの自然で安価な 治療がどのように抑制されたか、 病院が処方するようにどのように奨励されたかについてCovid患者への終末期の薬、 in Covid の数字を膨らませるために、また、マスクとロックダウンの物語が、マスクは無益であり、ロックダウンが前例のない経済的損害を生み出すという完全な知識の中でどのように容赦なく宣伝されたか、暴走インフレ、 食糧不足、

Surveil ......Monitor......Assess.....Register.....Track.....

But unfortunately, a visit to confirms this is actually what it is when clicking on the drop down menu, we see the links to 5G, Ai, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Metaverse,Data Collection and Monetization.

This goes some way to explaining why Big-Tech was so vigilant in trying to stop the truth being unveiled, about the Covid Vaccines as "data is the new gold".

   They plan to know everything about you, where you go what you buy, your finances and even your thoughts and this data, combined with Digital ID and Central Bank Digital  Currency  affords them total control over your life.

The pioneer cities that have been adopting the roadmap and guiding its development towards smart city governance are: Apeldoorn, The Netherlands; Barcelona, Spain; Belfast, UK; Bengaluru, India; Bilbao; Spain; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Bogota, Colombia; Brasilia, Brazil; Chattanooga, USA; Cordoba, Argentina; Daegu, South Korea; Dallas, USA; Dubai, UAE; eThekwini, South Africa; Faridabad, India; Gaziantep, Türkiye; Hamamatsu, Japan; Hyderabad, India; Indore, India; Istanbul, Türkiye; Kampala, Uganda; Kaga, Japan; Kakogawa, Japan; Karlsruhe, Germany; Leeds, UK; Lisbon, Portugal; London, UK; Maebashi, Japan; Manila, Philippines; Medellin, Colombia; Melbourne, Australia; Mexico City, Mexico; Milan, Italy; Muscat, Oman; Newcastle, Australia; Pittsburgh, USA; San Jose, USA, Tampere, Finland and Toronto, Canada.



30% の人が深い催眠術にかかっている 
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