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The world will not be destroyed by people who do EVIL, but by those who watch without doing anything !
                                                     Albert Einstein

Ambassadors Guidelines 

Thank you for your enthusiasm in spreading the word in the fight against global tyranny.


Like everything in this world some people will not realize the threat to their Freedom, Liberty, Health Financial independence and their children until its to late.


Therefore we feel it necessary to offer  financial incentives, in  order that we can spread the word more quickly.


Some people with genuine passion, are able to generate tens of thousands of dollars in affiliate commission while simultaneously making a real difference to humanity.


The following instructions  provide a guideline on how to maximise your efforts.

"Don't sit by the sidelines and watch our freedom fade away you'd better get involved before it's too late!“

 Senator Alex Antic, Australia

When you log into to your affiliate portal, you will see all the tools that allow you to spread the truth and also generate revenue for yourself.


We need to act quickly as the globalists are accelerating their tyrannical agenda, with more pandemics, mandatory vaccination, compulsory lock downs on the agenda.


Everything you need including marketing tools and creatives are there.


On the home page you will see your personalized  REFERRAL LINK.   Please ensure this every time you are promoting our platform to ensure you receive full commissions.


You can copy this to any of your social media accounts by clicking on the ICON for each account.

Home Page with Highlights 50%.jpg

Also under the MEDIA ASSETS section on MARKETING  TOOLS page is a ZIP FILE which contains all creative images

We recommend that you download images from MARKETING TOOLS page to give more impact to your post.


On that page you will see MEDIA ASSETS and you can  download any of the images that you wish to promote by clicking on the 3 dots below the image.


You can generate TEXT or HTML CODE or Download the images you wish to use.


Your REFERRAL CODE  is embedded in the TEXT  and HTML files but please ensure you include your unique REFERRAL LINK from the HOME PAGE if you are promoting images.

PLEASE NOTE  these images are not actual size, but you can see actual size images that would appear on websites by clicking on the CREATIVES tab, in the top menu.


There  are numerous  size web images and languages, that can be accessed from the DROP DOWN MENU.


You can use any of these images but for most Social Media the RECTANGLE  Image is best suited.


Please ensure you include your unique referral code which is generated by clicking on your Social Media Icon and then you can add the images you have downloaded.

Also, if you really want to get the message out quicker and  decide make your own purchase please use the Personal Discount Code on the HOME PAGE at Checkout to receive  10 % off.

The NETWORK LINK is if you wish to encourage others to promote the platform, so that we can counter the Globalist agenda and mis-information program by spreading the truth more quickly then they can mis-direct.


In doing so, by sending them the SIGN-UP LINK, not only do you receive your own commissions but also commissions from all sales generated by them, down to a further 7 levels.


Typically any sales they generate directly, will result in a $2.5 commission to your account and any ambassadors against global tyranny, that they recruit will also generate commissions for you. ............And continuous for the next 7 levels.


For example, if we are to spread the truth quickly, if each level recruits 5 further freedom fighters you could be earning commission from over 15000 Freedom Fighters

"Together we can win this war against humanity "

"If not for us, for our Children and Grandchildren."

Billy Graham Courage is Contagious.webp

Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand the spines of others are often stiffened.

Rev. Billy Graham

Downloaded Car on Road 96DPI.jpg
Lose Everything Car Animation.jpg

We nearly all travel the same route at the same time every day and park in the same place be it for work or leisure time.

Imagine if the message was displayed on up to 30% of vehicles, how powerful the number of impressions and repeat message would be !

A selection of banners are available, and it's your choice which message you want to convey.

Our previous attempts, to awaken the majority, have been, sporadic and short-lived.

Downloaded Car on Road 96DPI.jpg
Six Steps  Animated.jpg
Downloaded Car on Road 96DPI.jpg

If we are to save our children and grand-children, from a " perpetual living nightmare," we require a coordinated global campaign.

All banners are 1000 mm wide, but available in 300 and 500mm heights, to suit both smaller and larger vehicles.

Printed on high, quality specialized  material, by existing auto-decal professionals in each country, they are transparent from the driver's viewpoint, and comply with  regulations in each territory.

For the first time, we can make our voices heard, without the fear of alienation from friends and family.

Downloaded Car on Road 96DPI.jpg
Canada Government Control Animation.jpg

While the Globalists have Main Stream Media to deliver their message and drown out the dissenting voices, they also are aware that those voices are also anxious about alienating friends and family, by pointing out the truth.


Main Stream Media will not “bite the hand that feeds it”


Government spending on Corona Virus advertising amounted to nearly 20 percent of total media income.


Government media spending was up nearly 500% on pre-pandemic levels.


Big Pharma advertising spend was 37 % more than they spent on drug development.


Main Stream Media will never be on the right side of history.


But don’t despair, for our collective strength is far superior to the “controlled” main-stream media.

This solution, puts a major hole in the globalist strategy, as our message will be more visible, have more impact, together with more reach and impressions.

The additional benefit is complete strangers can reach your family and you as a stranger can reach other families, without any fear of fragmented  relationships.

Downloaded Car on Road 96DPI.jpg

Regardless of it being every third car on the Freeway or numerous cars at the Mall, School, Grocery Store, or Employment Parking Lot.

We therefore are able to provide repeat messaging on the rear of our own vehicles. 

"Courage faces fear and thereby masters it.

Cowardice represses fear and is therefore mastered by it."
Martin Luthor King


The Rule of Seven.

The 30%   
"awake" can make the difference.

Its time for us to make a stand! 

Its a well-worn rule in marketing, that a potential customer requires to see your message an average of seven times, before taking a positive action.

This is usually in the form of a purchase, but as we are not asking  any of  "the currently oblivious", to actually spend any money at this point, merely to drive them to the website and educate themselves.


Accordingly, our message should provoke a visit to the website, which acts as a portal for all the brave freedom fighters and truth tellers, driving more subscriptions to their channels, and the ongoing education about the Globalist agenda. 

Protests don't work

They are emotionally and financially draining, but in effect "you are preaching to the converted" as everyone in attendance is of the same mind-set


As the protests are not covered by mainstream media, we are not awakening any who are not already awake.

Legal Challenges don't work

Whilst they are tremendously expensive, a painfully slow process  and an oft quoted opinion is that the legal system is corrupt to the core.


We do not subscribe to this, rather than we are disadvantaged, as the entire legal system works on legal precedents, and there are simply not any precedents for emergency powers in a so-called pandemic.

Poster and fly posting does not work

Law Enforcement is not our enemy

Apart from the fact they will just be swamped in the legions of junk mail, of discount food coupons and real estate flyers, they do not meet the criteria of repeat messaging 

Regional and even national campaigns wont work!

The globalists will hold up fully indoctrinated territories like New Zealand, Canada, and the Netherlands. as proof of concept, that's why we need a globally coordinated and consistent response. 


It is clear from Biden's speech on the MAGA Republicans, that was was extremely divisive, which plays into the Globalist Agenda.


We will achieve nothing by division, and must concentrate on unity, so that the minority becomes the majority.


 At the end of the day, Law Enforcement Officers and Military, are ordinary men and women, with families to support, and are simply following orders.


What they don't realize is, that if the Globalists push through with their agenda of Universal Basis Income and Social Credit Score there will be no crime, or civil disobedience and they simply become redundant.

Our strategy should be to educate, not to confront.

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