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YUVAL NOAH HARARI- Prophet or Madman?

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Yuval Noah Harari

Lead Consultant to Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum

Harari is a controversial figure and author of best selling non-fiction books, which have been acclaimed by Vaccine Zealot Bill Gates and Metaverse champion Mark Zuckerberg. 

Hariri dedicated his latest book to his Husband Iztic Yahav who he married in a Civil Ceremony in Toronto Canada.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, following former United States President Donald Trump's cut to WHO funding, Harari announced that he and his husband would donate $1 million to the WHO through Sapienship, their social impact company

"Pandemic or PLANDEMIC"

"Harari reveals the Government plans" 

"The Pandemic was declared in March 2020 and in a few short weeks, in April 2020 Harari was declaring that surveillance was going to go under the skin, as Governments wanted to know everything going on in our bodies not just where we go and who we meet.

Scientific analysis of the MRNA vaccines now reveal that they contain self-assembling nano-technology.


Harari has said in later interviews that humans are now hackable animals, that can be engineered and controlled. 

"Total Biometric Surveillance"

COVID -and this is when surveillance went under the skin.

Harari Explains COVID was critical, in getting people to accept or legitimize Total Biometric Surveillance.

We agreed to be surveilled all of the time, and this is when surveillance went under the skin.

In ten years the future Stallin's of the 21st Century will be watching all of the people all of the time.

And that's it, you have the worst totalitarian regime in history and COVID is important, because COVID legitimizes some of the crucial steps, even in democratic countries 

"Free Will That's Over"

"Humans are now hackable animals" 

"The whole idea that humans have this soul, spirit and free will, and no one knows what's happening inside me and whatever I choose that's my free will....


Today we have the technology to hack human beings on massive scale....the vaccines will make things more manageable. People will look back and idenify the Coronavirus epidemic as the moment when a new regime of surveillance took over especially surveillance under the skin"

  STOP THEM !!  

Free Will Thats Over

"We even go beyond the Biblical God"

"We are trying to create Cyborgs"

"And if we succeed and I believe there is every chance we will, we will even go beyond the God of the Bible"

"We will achieve more than God"

"What god can do...We are seriously in the business of acquiring these traditional divine abilities and qualities to ourselves. "

"The ability to create and design life according to our wishes... "

The Destruction of Critical Thought:

Pfizer-Induced 1P36 Gene Deletion Syndrome

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"We can do what the KGB and Gestapo wanted to do"

"The ability to create and design life according to our wishes... "

Speaking a the 50th Annual meeting of the World Economic Forum  in January 2020 just before the world went into Covid Lockdown, Harari tells his audience of Globalist Elites, that "SOON" we will be able to hack into all human beings.

Shortly after the MRNA "vaccines" were rolled out globally with now evidenced self assembling nano-technology circuits.

Why does world need so many humans

"What does the world need so many humans for?"

"Its easy to manipulate people"

In this compilation  Harari makes the following statements:-

  • The easiest people to manipulate are those who believe they are doing something from their own free will.

  • The world needs a global identity.

  • We will be controlled by non-organic entities totally devoid of emotion

  • We can really start messing with human biology and sexuality.

  • The majority of remaining humans will be irrelevant and will be controlled by means of drugs and computer games.

  STOP THEM !!  

Its time to make our voices heard!  

So this un-elected, unqualified, individual, is now telling the citizens of the world, that they have no choice in resisting the dystopian future that they are planning.

Harari considers the vast majority of the human race to be surplus to requirements, and are not even any use as "serfs"

His vision is that those who remain alive after the vaccine roll-out; their only purpose in life will be play computer games, and consume drugs, no doubt supplied by the Big Pharma companies already making billions of dollars from the Covid injections.

The World Economic Forum is attended by nearly every global leader, and they all seem to be in lock-step  in inflicting rising costs and defaults on their citizens.

They seem so certain about their mission statement-:


Looking at the above chain events, we can understand how Klaus Schwab predicts the future with such confidence and repeatedly says to his elite audience.


"They plan a dystopian future of slavery, not just for us, but for all future generations" 

  STOP THEM !!  

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"So far the Globalists are on track with their dystopian plan, as any resistance has been in the minority, but their greatest fear is that MINORITY becomes the MAJORITY.....and to that we say"

"Don't sit by the sidelines and watch our freedom fade away you'd better get involved before it's too late!“

 Senator Alex Antic, Australia

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