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The AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’ was developed in 2020 by the Oxford Vaccine Group, whose Director, Sir Andrew Pollard, is also Chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) that advises UK health departments on the safety of vaccines.…


Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation  (JCVI) advises UK health departments on immunisation.

Ten years earlier, in 2010, AstraZeneca paid $520 million in fines to settle charges by the US Federal Government for illegally marketing the anti-psychotic drug, Seroquel, to children and elderly for uses not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.


Drug Giant AstraZeneca to Pay $520 Million to Settle Fraud CaseDrug giant AstraZeneca will pay $520 million to settle a case alleging that it illegally marketed its schizophrenia drug Seroquel




In 2013, following his appointment as Chair of the JCVI by Jeremy Hunt, the UK Minister for Health, Professor Andrew Pollard, who as head of the Oxford Vaccine Group had developed the Meningitis B vaccine Bexsero, authorized its use on UK children.


The Ubiquitous Prof Pollard: How Serious is British Medical Journal About Commercial Influence? by John Stone Recently, British Medical Journal has been signalling an ambitious intent to rid public health of commericial influence 'COMMERCIAL INFLUENCE IN HEALTH: FROM TRANSPARENCY TO INDEPENDENCE…

This was despite significant safety signals for Kawasaki Disease in infants during the clinical trials, with more than one-third having high fever the day of vaccination and 8 having seizures, and the rarity of Group B meningococcal disease.


Re: Do we need a new approach to making vaccine recommendations?


That same year, 2013, it was revealed that pharmaceutical companies were paying unnamed UK doctors £40 million every year to promote their products. The UK office of AstraZeneca paid £671,400 in fees to 903 doctors plus £30,200 for travel and hotel costs.


Drug companies pay doctors £40m for travel and expensesTotal spend on consultancy fees and junkets by 35 suppliers revealed by trade body in move to greater transparency

Also in 2013, the Oxford Vaccine Group affiliated with Public Health England (PHE). Despite being the executive agency of the Department for Health and Social Care, PHE had received $7.45 million in grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation by 2015.


Committed Grants | Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationThis database includes grant commitments made by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and previous foundations of the Gates family (William H. Gates Foundation, Gates Library Foundation, and Gates Lear…

In 2016, AstraZeneca agreed to pay $5.5 million out of court to settle charges of violating the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by bribing doctors in China and Russia in order to boost sales of their pharmaceutical products, including vaccines.


AstraZeneca to pay $5.5 million for bribing doctors in China and RussiaAstraZeneca personnel were charged with scheming to offer gifts, conference expenses, travel, cash, and other thing to influence the purchase of company drugs.

In 2016, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) gave $36.9 million for research into vaccine development by a team that included the Oxford Vaccine Group, the future developer of the AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’, which was headed by Professor Andrew Pollard.

Since the ‘pandemic’ was declared by the BMGF-funded World Health Organization in March 2020, Professor Pollard’s academic employer, the University of Oxford, has received $71.3 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Committed Grants | Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationThis database includes grant commitments made by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and previous foundations of the Gates family (William H. Gates Foundation, Gates Library Foundation, and Gates Lear…

Professor Andrew Pollard’s own research laboratory is also funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is therefore the primary employer of both the Chair of the JCVI and the Director of the team that developed the AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’.

Pollard is also a member of the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) Scientific Advisory Committee, which advises the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) that guarantees the safety of vaccines in the UK.…

In April 2018, it was revealed that AstraZeneca had paid €17.9 million in secret payments to ‘independent’ healthcare professionals to endorse their products, including the use of vaccines. There is nothing to indicate this systemic bribery has stopped.


£20m ‘secret payments’ to plug drugs by Astrazeneca and ShireTwo of the UK stock market’s biggest pharmaceutical companies have made millions of pounds in “secret” payments to healthcare professionals and organisations, an investigation by The Times has found.A…

In April 2020, Oxford University entered into partnership with AstraZeneca to sell what subsequent deals established would be 400 million doses of its ‘vaccine’ in Europe, 700 million to the US and GAVI Vaccine Alliance, and 1 billion doses to India.


Why the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is now a global game changerThe global pandemic is far from over, but this latest in a series of welcome announcements brings renewed hope even if several hurdles remain.

As a result of its ‘vaccine’ deals, AstraZeneca’s net profit in the second quarter of 2020 rose to £581.18 million, compared to just £99.94 million in the same quarter the previous year, making it the most valuable UK company by market capitalisation.


AstraZeneca’s net profit jumps to £581.18 million in the second quarter.AstraZeneca’s net profit jumps to £581.18 million in the fiscal second quarter and keeps full-year financial guidance unchanged.

In September 2020, the AstraZeneca/Oxford University COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ trial was paused after a UK participant suffered spinal cord inflammation. Yet it took a month to send the ‘vaccine’ trial safety data to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


AstraZeneca took ONE MONTH to give FDA vaccine trial dataA new report says AstraZeneca just delivered coronavirus vaccine trial data to the FDA last week after the study was paused when a UK patient developed rare spinal complication.

In November 2020, it was revealed that AstraZeneca’s claim that its vaccine has an efficacy of 90% was based on a trial only administered to individuals up to 55 years of age, a demographic with a far lower chance of developing symptoms requiring a vaccine.


Doubts raised over AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine dataOxford university acknowledges error that forced trial to switch dosing regimens

Despite this, on 30 December 2020, the BMGF-funded Medicine and Health products Regulatory Agency granted temporary authorization to the AstraZeneca/Oxford viral vector ‘vaccine’ for COVID-19, the trials for which are due to be completed in February 2023.

In April 2021, The Lancet estimated that although the AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’ has a relative risk reduction of 67%, the absolute risk reduction is only 1.9%. Neither come near the claims of 90% efficacy made by AstraZeneca or the doctors injecting it.


COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness—the elephant (not) in the roomApproximately 96 COVID-19 vaccines are at various stages of clinical development.1 At present, we have the interim results of four studies published in scientific journals (on the Pfizer–BioNTech BNT1…

In May 2021, Transparency International Global Health accused AstraZeneca of a lack of transparency over its ‘vaccine’ trials, of secret contracts with governments, and of conducting ‘science by press release’.


Lack of transparency over vaccine trials, secretive contracts and…New research finds results from fewer than half of COVID-19 vaccines trials and just 7% of contracts published

By March 2021, the number of incidents of blood clotting following injection with AstraZeneca’s ‘vaccine’ led 21 countries to suspend its use, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal Sweden and the Netherlands, but not the UK or Switzerland.


Which countries have stopped using AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine?Concerns grow over reports of blood clotting among some recipients, but WHO urges countries to keep using COVID vaccine.

In November 2021, AstraZeneca, which sold £1.64 billion of its COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ in the first 9 months of 2021, announced it was reneging on its promise to sell at cost ‘for the duration of the pandemic’, which it now declared was in the ‘endemic phase’.


AstraZeneca signs new Covid contracts in shift away from not-for-profitDrugmaker says it expects to transition to ‘modest profitability’ as it receives new orders

Since 2000, AstraZeneca has paid $1.381 billion in fines: $594m for healthcare offences, $556.2m for government-related offences under the False Claims Act, $198m for safety offences, $21m under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and $5.52m for ‘kickbacks and bribery’.

As of 24 November, 2022, the MHRA has received 246,866 reports of 874,912 adverse drug reactions to the AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’, of which 1,334 have resulted in death within 7 days of injection, with unknown thousands more dying after this arbitrary cut-off.…

On 1 June, 2022, both the Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, Andrew Pollard, and the Chief Executive Officer of AstraZeneca, Pascal Soriot, were knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, effectively indemnifying them from prosecution in the UK courts.

Then on 31 December, 2021, June Raine, the CEO of the MHRA, Jenny Harries, the CEO of the UK Health Security Agency, Emily Lawson, the Chief Commercial Officer at NHS England, and Sarah Gilbert, who oversaw development of the deadly AstraZaneca ‘vaccine’, were all made Dames.

Mussolini defined fascism as ‘when you can’t slip a cigarette paper between the interests of the government and corporate business interests’. If you’re concerned about where the corruption of our governments is heading, you may be interested in my book.


The Road to Fascism: For a Critique of the Global Biosecurity StateThe Road to Fascism: For a Critique of the Global Biosecurity State — 28 September, 2022 by Simon Elmer Hardback: £30.00 Paperback: £20.00 E-book: £10.00 (please specify that you are paying for a c…

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Its becoming increasingly clear, that with Bill Gates investment, in Vaccines and Vaccine ID, that a huge revenue stream will be available if the 2 are combined and once citizens subscribe to Digital ID, their vaccine status can be co-ordinated with a Central Bank Digital Currency.

In our view its no longer a conspiracy theory, that
your access to money and food will be switched off if you are not up to date with Vaccines.  

We are entitled to control over our bodily autonomy and  own finances!  

"They plan a dystopian future of slavery, not just for us, but for all future generations" 

  STOP THEM !!  

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He died for his beliefs, and the vaccine injured are dying now, and if the globalists are allowed to proceed with their plans, many more will die, including  children and grand-children.



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