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"Whenever the government claims to have the people's interests at heart, you need to think again."

"In the entire history of mankind' there has never been a political elite' sincerely concerned about the well-being of regular people."


Christine Anderson.jpg

Christine Anderson. (Germany)

Member of European Parliament

"Acceptance of Digital ID is akin to voting YES to a "Life of Slavery"

What BBC news may look like in the near future 

"Expect to see an increasing number of news items, to frighten the public that their personal ID has been compromised by internet hackers" 

The GLOBALISTS offered solution, will be a "Digital ID"

and already  in Australia it is requirement for all Company Directors to obtain a Digital ID. which extends to millions of individuals.

In reality this Digital ID, will have even more of your personal financial and medical records and be even more valuable to hackers.

But the various so called cyber-attacks, are yet another tool of the globalists to create chaos, fear and demoralization, allowing them to implement their plans in the background.

Once the Majority subscribe to this, they are able to introduce Central Bank Digital Currency. 

Without trying to sound sensationalist, we make no apologies for the terminology, as the imminent  threat is so great, that this really is, "the beginning of the end", of life as we knew it, not just for us, but all future generations.

Already the UK have announced the consideration of a meagre Universal Basic Income supplied by the government.


They will control what money you receive, where you spend it, and what you spend it on, and it will expire on a regular basis, leaving no opportunity for advancement.

As the World Economic Forum, have declared that the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is largely focused on Artificial Intelligence ( A.I.) and the vast majority of humans would be "useless eaters," they are forecasting unemployment of up to 80%, and the unemployed will need a subsistence payment, for food and shelter.

You will own nothing and be happy.png

You will own nothing and you will be Happy


This is the well publized mantra of the World Economic Forum

Remember when they said, it was dangerous to use Cash notes and coins, as they deadly Corona Virus was so virulent, it would spread on all forms of cash.

The Virus that was so deadly, that you had to line up for numerous tests, to tell you if you were infected or not ?

Or was it simply to condition everyone to no longer use cash?

They intend that, you will be totally dependent on a Central Bank Digital Currency, even for shelter, power and most importantly FOOD

You can see here, how they are systematically destroying the existing food supply, so you either accept an endless stream of vaccines or "starve to death"

 Once you agree to this, and all your personal records and finances are held in one Centrally Controlled Digital Wallet, the Globalists can "wipe you out" with a single keystroke, or mouse click.

Everything you have spent a lifetime working for, gone in the "blink of an eye"

Boy Raising Hand

  STOP THEM !!  

In this video, we ask, although Schwab is viewed as the main protagonist of the WEF, what part is played by  Kissinger, the man who has earned the "confidence" of politicians and sovereign rulers  over fifty years, as all his views on "Vaccines",  "War", "Election Rigging", "Corruption", "Food",  "Energy" and "De-population", all seem to be playing out at the same time.  

Its time to make our voices heard!  

How dare they tell us, where, when and on what we can spend our hard-earned money.

If their mission statement is "You will own nothing and be happy." are they already implementing this by artificially inflating interest rates, leading to mass mortgage and vehicle and equipment, leasing defaults

We are entitled to control over our own finances!  

Although, this is a very informative presentation, by Standford Graduate  Aman Jabbi, who, has over 25 year's experience in the Silicon Valley and demonstrates, the links between, Digital ID, CBDC, Totalitarian control, and exclusion from society it's also very disturbing and "the end of life as we know it".


It explains how, they will take total control, over your children and remove them from your care at a whim.

It details how the
current installation of Smart Lights are actual, military grade "Puke Guns" which can disable you at the flick of a switch, and law enforcement will become redundant.

BIS: World’s First CBDC Pilot With Four Countries Is Completed.

They are already testing CBDC systems in readiness for the public to fall into the trap.

It appears on face value. to be a very expensive, multi-territory, multi-year research project, requiring significant funding, but fortunately they found a generous philanthropist. 

Now we can have a better understanding of the man, who openly declared we must reduce the population of the planet,and encouraged everyone to inject themselves with an experimental gene-therapy, is not only a Climate change Zealot but also involved in international monetary systems.

That probably explains his numerous visits to Epstein Island to meet with Wall St financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Boy Raising Hand



"So far the Globalists are on track with their dystopian plan, as any resistance has been in the minority, but their greatest fear is that MINORITY becomes the MAJORITY.....and to that we say"

Is Mass Unemployment, Digital ID, CBDC, and Social Credit System, in a world completely ruled by Artificial Intelligence and 24/7/365 surveillance a real possibility, AS THE GLOBALISTS SEEM SO CERTAIN?

In our view, its already in process, look around you with cameras at every junction and the "modernization" of the street lights.


 if the financial incentive is present the globalists will accelerate their plans, and humanity is running out of time to act.

If humanity takes a stand, and the majority makes it clear, that we are not falling for their planned dystopian future, we remove their incentive, and they are forced to abandon their plans, and we can return to some sort of normality.

What can we do, to remove their incentive and return to normality and the safety and security of the Family Unit ?

We discuss this, along with regular updates, on the

Climate Change Hoax,
Vaccine Ingredients,
Digital ID,
Central Bank Digital Currencies, Transhumanism,
5G-Military Frequency,
S.M.A.R.T. Cities,
Universal Basic Income, Weather Modification,
24-hour Surveillance, Communist Social Credit System,
Nanotechnology and Totalitarian Government Control,
in our regular weekly Blog posts, which are free to our mailing list subscribers.

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"History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition, was not the strident clamor of the bad people but the appalling silence of the good people"

"History has a habit of repeating itself, and when Martin Luthor King made those statements, all those years ago, they are as relevant now as they were then.

He died for his beliefs, and the vaccine injured are dying now, and if the globalists are allowed to proceed with their plans, many more will die, including  children and grand-children.




"They plan a dystopian future of slavery, not just for us, but for all future generations" 

  STOP THEM !!  

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
 Edmund Burke

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