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The war mongering Globalists have, made significant progress and no matter what the freedom movement seems to do, we have not been able to stop their satanic agenda of Euthanasia , Genocide, and Totalitarian Control of the survivors,  by CBDC, Digital ID and mind-control. 

The globalists represent less than 1% of the population, and despite us being more than  99%, we have not been able to stop them due to their financial wealth, which they are utilizing to incentivize a vast team of underlings, in health, science, education and politics. 

We are at war, and as the legendary Sun Tsu said in the "Art of War “we must identify the enemy's strategy and MATCH OR BETTER IT, hence we have incorporated even greater financial incentives in our strategy to combat the satanic enemy and preserve the future for our children and grandchildren.

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  STOP THEM !!  

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Why is the ONLY solution the Re-election of Donald Trump?

Because as 45 th President he proved he was "his own man", and will not be dictated to by a plethora of bureaucrats or 3 Letter agencies with separate agendas, that have resulted in demoralization and reduced standards of safety, health and living standards.

These people are motivated by financial gain, but If humanity takes a stand, and the majority makes it clear, that we are not falling for their planned dystopian future, we remove their incentive, and they are forced to abandon their plans, and we can return to some sort of normality.

We must do what we can , to remove their incentive and return to normality and the safety and security of the Family Unit ?

How We Got Here

Since Early 2020 the World has been plunged into lockdowns, economic destruction, collapsing health systems, repeated pandemic variants, raging inflation, collapsing education system, and an explosion in excess mortality rates, following a global vaccination campaign, largely based on MRNA technology which had never been previously used in Vaccine Technology. 

Historically, vaccines are ten years in development, but within six months of the start of the pandemic, no less than four companies announced "safe and effective" vaccines?

After being forced by court orders Pfizer are obligated to periodically publish the results of their trials, overturning applications to keep the data hidden for 75 years.

With over 1274 side effects now available in the published data, we are now faced with a whole plethora of other "events" including Monkey Pox, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Exponential Increases in Cancer and a multitude of other diseases, together with dramatic changes in fertility, spontaneous abortion and a significant increase in life threatening heart conditions in children.

Our group of over 30 concerned individuals, with a vast array of experience, are not anti-vaxxers or conspiracy theorists.  In fact, all but two of us are double vaccinated. However, over the course of the "pandemic" and vaccine roll-out, it became clear, that there was an ulterior motive to the so-called pandemic, which was largely being driven by megalomaniac, and indeed psychopathic organizations, which present a clear and present danger to the very fabric of society, for us and our descendants.

It became increasingly clear, that if the global actors behind this criminal enterprise are left unchecked, a disturbingly horrifying dystopian future of slavery, awaits our children, grandchildren and subsequent generations.

These global actors, have a depopulation agenda, as they have determined that vast swathes of humanity are in their words "useless eaters" and surplus to requirements.

As parents, we simply could not stand idly by, and leave the fight to others.

Our research concludes that, the threat to health from Covid-19 was exaggerated by an unreliable and incorrectly applied PCR Test, and was largely overtaken by a Pandemic of Fear, driven by the mainstream media and there is much worse to come, in further crimes against humanity, and if we do nothing those crimes will be allowed to eventuate.

The orchestrators of the "pandemic," have been allowed to fulfill their objectives thus far, as the majority are trusting of mainstream media.


Our only hope is to place the scientific facts in front of many people as possible!

In order that we have some hope of returning to normality.


must become the


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So HOW do WE stop them!!! 

Because they under-estimated the power of the MAJORITY 

From the outset, the plan of the Globalist elite has relied on causing divisions in humanity and creating a path of destruction, in the full knowledge that the majority would follow the government narrative, which was religiously preached by the bought and paid for mainstream media.


These plans were developed decades ago and are well documented in the Rockefeller documents. Footage has even emerged as to how the planned to manipulate the masses through the widely accepted media platforms.

The Social media tech giants were fully on board with controlling the information pipeline, with their so-called fact -checkers, and de-platforming anyone with a dissenting voice.

They however did not allow, for alternative media sources, such as  Brighteon, Rumble, Telegram, Gab, etc., where an army of "awake' individuals are able to uncover and publish uncensored facts detailing the true horrors of the crimes against humanity  

The evidence in these communities is undeniable, but unfortunately, they still have us at a disadvantage, as subscription numbers even to the most qualified, accredited and knowledgeable contributors are pitifully low in relation to the global population.



The Globalists rely on the knowledge, that it's a proven fact, that people do not buy into an idea or product unless the message is repeated numerous times, and in order to create a movement or successful product, that message must reach many and be seen repeatedly.


In marketing terms, that is known as REACH and IMPRESSIONS.

That is why Main-Stream Media and the "Fact Checkers" were so integral to their satanic plan.

The other weapon in their armory, was the knowledge that the "awake," would not continually repeat their message to friends and family, for fear of alienating themselves.


But what if there was a way, for your friends and family to repeatedly see the message, drive them to the truth channels and it is delivered without having to alienate ourselves from our loved ones.


The Globalists have a product to sell, the now proven lies of the "safe and effective" narrative and have the Mainstream Media to deliver it.


We have a product to promote, which is far superior and desired by everyone and its name?


In any competitive marketplace, the Superior product will always win, if the marketing strategy is as good or better, than the oppositions product. 

But what if the Truth had a better marketing strategy with greater REACH and IMPRESSIONS 


The orchestrators of the "pandemic" have been allowed to fulfill their objectives thus far, as the majority are trusting of main-stream media.


Our only hope is to place the scientific facts in front of many people as possible!

In order that we have some hope of returning to normality.


Once the minority becomes the majority, it is a straight choice between THE TRUTH, or the Dystopian Future of Totalitarian Control, of the Globalist Agenda.

There is only one choice to make and our


is to present that choice to the Majority. 

Its a straight choice between, Life, Love, Family and Liberty


Dystopian Slavery!!!!


Boy Raising Hand

  STOP THEM !!  

"Don't sit by the sidelines and watch our freedom fade away you'd better get involved before it's too late!“

 Senator Alex Antic, Australia

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