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They refer to 15/20 minute Cities as S.M.A.R.T Cities and is being co-ordinated by no other than the World Economic Forum in accordance with their tyrannical communist agenda. They have openly declared that if they master this technology they become Masters of the World

The same people who advocated for mass vaccination and economic lockdowns, are now telling you that you need to restrict your movement, in the interests of the Climate Change Hoax.

You see 15 minute/20 minute cities terminology being more widely used than the original S.M.A.R.T Cities as this has been related to military descriptions.                               

Surveil ......Monitor......Assess.....Register.....Track.....

But unfortunately, a visit to confirms this is actually what it is when clicking on the drop down menu, we see the links to 5G, Ai, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Metaverse,Data Collection and Monetization.

This goes some way to explaining why Big-Tech was so vigilant in trying to stop the truth being unveiled, about the Covid Vaccines as "data is the new gold".

   They plan to know everything about you, where you go what you buy, your finances and even your thoughts and this data, combined with Digital ID and Central Bank Digital  Currency  affords them total control over your life.

The pioneer cities that have been adopting the roadmap and guiding its development towards smart city governance are: Apeldoorn, The Netherlands; Barcelona, Spain; Belfast, UK; Bengaluru, India; Bilbao; Spain; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Bogota, Colombia; Brasilia, Brazil; Chattanooga, USA; Cordoba, Argentina; Daegu, South Korea; Dallas, USA; Dubai, UAE; eThekwini, South Africa; Faridabad, India; Gaziantep, Türkiye; Hamamatsu, Japan; Hyderabad, India; Indore, India; Istanbul, Türkiye; Kampala, Uganda; Kaga, Japan; Kakogawa, Japan; Karlsruhe, Germany; Leeds, UK; Lisbon, Portugal; London, UK; Maebashi, Japan; Manila, Philippines; Medellin, Colombia; Melbourne, Australia; Mexico City, Mexico; Milan, Italy; Muscat, Oman; Newcastle, Australia; Pittsburgh, USA; San Jose, USA, Tampere, Finland and Toronto, Canada.


"So far the Globalists are on track with their dystopian plan, as any resistance has been in the minority, but their greatest fear is that MINORITY becomes the MAJORITY.....and to that we say"

30 % of people are Deeply Hypnotized 
 40 % are not but go along with the crowd
Boy Raising Hand

  STOP THEM !!  

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Vaccine Ingredients,
Digital ID,
Central Bank Digital Currencies, Transhumanism,
5G-Military Frequency,
S.M.A.R.T. Cities,
Universal Basic Income, Weather Modification,
24-hour Surveillance, Communist Social Credit System,
Nanotechnology and Totalitarian Government Control,
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