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Their Endgame ?

The masses meekly accepted the "safe and effective" narrative, and unquestionably subjected themselves to being injected, with unproven and fatal gene therapy, and the Globalists are now emboldened in the belief, the masses will now not object to a dystopian intended strategy of a future of slavery, under the intended One World Government,

We do not take any pleasure in being the bearers of bad news or the harbingers of doom, but it should be clear to most people now that a number of things don't happen all at once unless they are systematically orchestrated

The last real Global pandemic was over 100 years ago but now in the last 3 years we are supposed to accept a multitude of Health Culture and Financial threats, happening simultaneously?

Unexplained Excess Mortality

Runaway Inflation.

Climate Emergency

Bank Failures

Food Shortages

Energy Crisis


The NEXT Pandemic

Woke Agenda

Digital I.D.

Trans-Gender Normalisation

Crisis upon crisis upon crisis, can this just be a series of coincidences, or is it related to the fact that the leaders of many countries are graduates of the World Economic Forum,  Trudeau, Freeland, Rutte, Ardern, Macron, Merkel and the list goes on.

As Klaus Schwab CEO of the World Economic Forum proudly boasts "We penetrate the Cabinets"

All cause Mortality Germany.jpg

The "Canary in the mineshaft" should be the explosion in all cause excess mortality on a global basis since the roll-out of the supposedly "live saving" vaccines.

A chart for Germany is evidenced, but the best single source for every country can be found at Mortality Watch 

The most heart-rending fact, is that many of the deaths are amongst younger cohorts, that had so much of their lives ahead of them.

And yet some governments continue to approve MRNA injections for infants and pregnant women.

Many of the elderly who died "with covid" (from a faulty PCR test that was amplified so high it would give a positive result to just about everyone,) did not die "of Covid" but from egregiously prescribed end-of-life drugs, Remdesivir. and Midazolam

The big push, was for the elderly and immunocompromised, to take repeated doses of the Covid injections. Unfortunately, the elderly and sick are the biggest expense on the Pensions and Public Health System and are the lowest contributors to government tax revenue.

We need answers, and as always the solution is to Follow the Money 

Most will be aware of the "wonders" of ChatGp and other AI ( Artificial Intelligence) applications, without realizing that AI is destined to replace up to 80% of jobs.

So what will become of the 80% unemployed?

As the evidence is clear many of have died from the Covid Injections and continue to suffer serious illness like nuerological disorders, turbo-cancers  and heart damage.

Those who don't die will need to be "controlled" through 15/20 minute cities,food rationing, Digital ID and CBDC.

The Global Covid Fraud has as its goals Totalitarian Control 

We’re under attack by the 0.0001% everywhere. If not stopped, we will sleepwalk through the gates of hell, into a one-way trip to digital dystopia."

Doctor Mike Yeadon  Former Pfizer Head of Research 

Digital ID.jpg

So its time to make a decision?

If the globalist elite are prepared to promote an untried and unproven gene editing technology on the vast majority of the global population in the full knowledge that it could very possible kill and maim any number of recipients.


Digital ID.jpg

Digital ID is their Achiles Heel

Just as they relied on Greek history to utilise Covid Plandemic as their Trojan Horse in the same vein the push for Digital ID is their Achiles Heel

Its the key to CBDC and total control for them. 

From the detailed diagram they intend to make Digital ID mandatory for every transaction, travel, finance, health. food, e-commerce and Smart-cities.

Former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who was referred to by some commentators, as the "Butcher of Baghdad" as he authorized the Gulf War, resulting in the deaths of up to 250,000  people (mostly Iraqi Civilians)

The same man who branded everyone who did not take the Covid experimental injections as "an idiot" is now on a Digital ID" Crusade.

Listen carefully to what he says "some of the future  vaccines will have multiple shots"

Since 2012 Blairs Foundations have  received circa $30,000,000 from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, of which almost $24,000,000 came since the birth of Covid-19.   Committed Grants | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


"So far the Globalists are on track with their dystopian plan, as any resistance has been in the minority, but their greatest fear is that MINORITY becomes the MAJORITY.....and to that we say"

30 % of people are Deeply Hypnotized 
 40 % are not but go along with the crowd
Boy Raising Hand

  STOP THEM !!  

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Climate Change Hoax,
Vaccine Ingredients,
Digital ID,
Central Bank Digital Currencies, Transhumanism,
5G-Military Frequency,
S.M.A.R.T. Cities,
Universal Basic Income, Weather Modification,
24-hour Surveillance, Communist Social Credit System,
Nanotechnology and Totalitarian Government Control,
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