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Doctor Mike Yeadon - Former Pfizer Head of Research. 

"We’re under attack by the 0.0001% everywhere. If not stopped, we will sleepwalk through the gates of hell, into a one-way trip to digital dystopia."

"The Global Covid Fraud,has as its goals....

"Totalitarian Control !!!"

Angrier World

The Globalists have been developing their plans for decades, and in plain sight on their website, they have planned for civil disobedience, and in all likelihood are orchestrating it as an excuse to introduce their "One World Government" 

In our view, as its clearly part of the Globalists Agenda, then protests ultimately will not be to the citizens advantage, and no-one wishes to see violence from or towards the authorities..

While up to 3 million people have protested in France, it is a relatively small percentage of the population and was the Globalists control the main stream media, it will receive minimal or zero coverage and the majority will remain, blissfully unaware of the globalists plans, until its to late.

You will notice Governments in numerous countries are introducing controversial legislation, and evoking the wrath of their citizens.

The WEF graduates in Rutte, Ardern, Trudeau and Macron, have adopted a totalitarian stance, and protests have  now turned violent in France. Eire mass demonstrations in UK and Spain.

MIllions of people are protesting throughout  France, only to be met with indiscriminate violence.  

Elderly people have been injured and humiliated, simply for protesting their rights to pensions having "paid into the system" all their lives


Now take a look at the World Economic Forum website where you can see part of their plan is civil disobedience, following the same script in almost every country.

Canada   USA   France   Ireland

New Zealand     Brazil   Netherlands

Schwab announces everything in advance and as early as Mid-2020 prior to the USA elections, he was telling us to prepare for an angrier world, and mass unemployment.

This young woman in this video, highlights their strategy which is clear to see, as they plan and encourage civil disobedience (protests, riots) as part of their plan to tear everything down and “Build Back Better under their total control, and the same message was repeated in unison by leaders throughout the world.

All the usual suspects and WEF graduates are reading from the same “Build Back Better” script, and it seems to be going according to plan as they introduce legislation and strategy, to destroy the fabric of society.

"Build back better" turned into a stock market recession, food shortages, record high energy prices, record high inflation, uncontrollable immigration crisis, sexualization of primary age children and a proxy war with nuclear armed Russia.

Maybe they just forgot to tell us about the “Death and Destruction” Stage?

“There are two ways in which people are controlled. First of all frighten people and secondly, demoralize them…An educated, healthy and confident nation is harder to govern.......perhaps the safest thing to do is: take orders and hope for the best, that's what frightened and demoralized people do.”

Tony Benn.

UK M.P. and Cabinet Minister

Tony Benn

Happening right now, the World Health Organization are putting the final touches to International Health Regulations and a Global Pandemic Treaty, which almost every country is in accordance with and will lead to further lockdowns and vaccination mandates if we have Bill Gates "Pandemic 2"

Simultaneously, governments around the world are finalizing legislation dictating that everyone must have a digital ID, which will enable them to be tracked in every aspect of their life, and give total control over their spending.

This is largely unknown to the general public, as the orchestrators of these dystopian plans also own the vast majority of TV and Press News Outlets

They censor the truth, through control of social media platforms, but together we can become the main-stream media as everyone of us owns at least one and often two automobiles and with over

26 million 

independent E-commerce websites globally, we can very quickly make the truth available.

Nearly every country in the world, including our own USA  has signed on to these regulations, which will cede sovereignty to the Bill Gates funded WHO, and will have to comply with any direction given by them' if this is passed into law as they propose.

So the individual, who is heavily invested in Vaccines, and inserting chips in everone's brains, wants us to eat fake meat, endure climate lockdowns, digital ID, CBDC and personal carbon footprints, will have total control over our lives, and by his own admission is already planning "Pandemic 2"

While literally, millions of people have protested against this evil agenda all over the world, these protests are not reported by main stream media and the protestors are "preaching to the converted". The globalist cabal have planned this for a number of decades, and are moving at a frightening pace, so our window of opportunity is short. Their biggest fear is that the current minority who are "awake"  to their plans actually become a majority, upon which their plans fail and we can return to some sort of normality.

Animated Windw Decals

     A unified mass global awareness campaign is right at our fingertips.

     And we don't even have to speak a single word!

At the recent Global Government Conference, Klaus Schwab made it abundantly clear, that citizens of the world are going to have no choice than to accept their dystopian ideas, which include the intention to insert electronic chips in citizens brains, so not only do they surveil your every action but also your every thought.