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The Joy and the Horror of Childbirth

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Sudden rise in Gender Dysphoria, Fertility Issues, Miscarriage &


While those who are “awake” amongst us are only too aware of the exploding excess death rates, unprecedented disability, and the sudden rise in fertility issues, miscarriage and stillbirth as evidenced by leading OBGYN James Thorp.

This is only the beginning as those who survive are being subjected to transgender propaganda and sexualization from an early age, reinforced with egregious and unwarranted legislation.

While historically less than 0.5% of the population, would identify as trans-gender in the face of relentless propaganda Transgender identities are spreading rapidly, often within social networks.

"Five of the 10 kids in our son’s closest friend group are now identifying as trans or nonbinary. Our neighbors on both sides each have a trans kid. One of our son’s teachers told us he had so many kids with new identities, some “out to” their parents and others not, that he had to make a chart to know when to use which names and pronouns."

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