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We have 26 million Warriors, and we don't know it.

We have all witnessed the "Dr. Evil" performance of World Economic Forum's Klaus Schwab, informing his select audience of "stakeholders" that they will master the universe.

Businesses like Amazon will have exclusive rights for home delivery on internet purchases, to the almost entire exclusion of the remaining e-commerce retailers.

What happens to these internet retailers who have strived for years if not decades to establish their business and create many millions of jobs?

Are they all going to be surplus to requirements once Artificial Intelligence takes over?

Are the 26 million worldwide e-commerce retailers going to be happy when they discover that potential customers are only permitted to spend their Central Bank Digital Currency with Amazon and non-one else?

Are they going to be motivated to spread the word to preserve their own existence?

Or will apathy prevent them from taking any positive action?

How will they react if we can increase their income without any cost to themselves?

Apart from the obvious threat to humanity, from MRNA vaccines, 15-minute cities, 5G, Digitial ID, CBDC and Chemtrails, one of our biggest enemies is APATHY, with the vast majority not being motivated into action, unless it is having a direct and immediate effect on themselves.


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